Kurs - Temporomandibular joints – diagnostics and therapy

Temporomandibular joints – diagnostics and therapy

Instructor: Hans Fauville MSc Ost DO | price: 330 Euro

Course intended for: osteopaths, osteopathic students, physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, students of physiotherapy, doctors, dentists.

Place and date:

Poznan (Poland) / 12-13.09.2019
Katowice (Poland) / 14-15.09.2019 / waiting list
Wroclaw (Poland) / 12-13.10.2019
Gdańsk / 09-10.11.2019
Cracow (Poland) / 16-17.11.2019
Katowice / 28-29.11.2019
Warsaw (Poland) / 30.11.-01.12.2019
Szczecin (Poland) / 15-16.02.2020

Time: 2 days

Course in English, translated into Polish.

Course program:

Day 1

Functional anatomy and palpation of TMJ
o Local: Bones, disc, muscles, innervation, blood supply, …
o Direct links: OAA, cranium

The process of occlusion (biomechanics)
o Understanding TMJ movement with anatomy
o Jaw tracking
o Mastication process

Assessment of the TMJ
o Local: TMJ
o Links: OAA complex, suboccipital muscles, ant cerv region, hyoid, suprahyoidal muscles
o Cranial (temporal)

Pathology and dysfunction
o Red flags
o Local lesion (clicking, subluxation, joint and disc lesions)
o Referred pain (diff headache types, muscular, trigger points)
o Functional relations (tinnitus, vertigo, sinusitis, apneu, maxilla-facial dysmorphosis, dysphagia, vocal problems)

Day 2


From mandibular position to posture
o Understanding relationship of TMJ to the body
o Biotypologies (eutonic, hypotonic, hypertonic)
o Neuromuscular systems
o Lingual system
o Myofascial connections
o Understanding relationship of TMJ to the cranium
o Viscerocranium development

Physiology and concepts of TMJ treatment
o Treatment techniques (extra- and intrabuccal techniques)
▪ Soft tissue techniques local and surrounding muscles
▪ Mobilisation techniques for TMJ, ant throat complex, hyoid, OAA
▪ Intra-osseous techniques mandibula
▪ Cranial techniques
▪ Techniques for limited opening, limited closing of mouth
▪ High velocity thrust techniques for TMJ

Each participant receives a script and a certificate in English.


Hans Fauville MSc Ost DO

a professional osteopath, senior lecturer and co-principal of FICO – osteopathy academy. After his Master in Physiotherapy he finished the FICO (Flanders International College of Osteopathy) osteopathy education in Belgium, followed by a BSc and MSc in Osteopathy in Germany, Dresden. Teaching has been a passion for the last decade, and now he is a senior teacher on visceral manipulation, vertebral manipulation and has great expertise in teaching differential diagnostics. Since 5 years he has evolved to being a principal of FICO – osteopathy academy Belgium and Poland.

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