Kurs - HVLA Manipulations course

HVLA Manipulations course

Instructor: Tim Daelemans Msc Ost (DIU), D.O | price: 830 euro (for two modules)

Place and date:

Poznan, Poland / I: 06-08.11.2019, II: 15-17.01.2020Gdansk, Poland / I: 05-07.02.2020, II: 01-03.04.2020Wroclaw, Poland / I: 11-13.03.2020, II: 10-12.06.2020


Course in English, translated into Polish.

The goals of the course:

The acquisition of practical skills and theoretical knowledge: to perform an osteopathic examination in order to find dysfunctions – to identify indications and contraindications for manipulation – for selection of appropriate components necessary to perform manipulation – to safely and effectively implement short-lever manipulation techniques on joints of the spine and peripheral joints – to select and use appropriate components to create a barrier for manipulation

HVLA are techniques of short lever joint manipulation based on the concept developed by prof. Laurie Hartman, PhD, DO (British School of Osteopathy, UK). HVLA techniques stand for High Velocity Low Amplitude and are used in Osteopathy, manual medicine and chiropractic.

This method is characterized by applying to the patient’s joint force of low amplitude and high speed using specific vectors, what most often ends with an audible “click” and reduction of muscle tone in the treated area.

Short-lever manipulations are subtle and precise techniques in which several components are used to build the barrier.

During the course, the instructor will guide you step by step through the process of learning techniques to make sure that you understand and master all of them to be able to properly and safely perform manipulations.

Tim provides a new insight into disk problems and lumbar spine mechanics. Finally he will teach you how to manipulate the cervical spine in a neutral position. It is unique approach that has never been shown before.

Course Program:

Module I:

Day 1:
Introduction to the HVLA and neutral manipulations
HVLA in the Lumbar spine

Day 2:
HVLA in the thoracic spine
HVLA in the cervical spine

Day 3:
Neutral manipulations in the cervical spine

Module II:

DAY 1:
Repetition on the working concepts of HVLA
Questions and answers on the BASIC course techniques
HVLA in the Cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine.

DAY 2:
HVLA in the Junction areas of the spine
Neutral manipulation in the cervical spine and its junction areas.

DAY 3:
HVLA in the Junction areas of the spine
Peripheral joint manipulations

Each participant receives a script and a certificate in English


Tim Daelemans Msc Ost (DIU), D.O

Lecturer from Belgium who is the director of FICO (Flanders International College of Osteopathy). He leads a clinical practice for many years and teaches osteopathic techniques. He developed a set of unique, gentle, comfortable and safe manipulation techniques for his patients.

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