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HVLA Manipulations course

Instructor: Tim Daelemans Msc Ost (DIU), D.O | price: 830 euro (for two modules)

Course in English, translated into Polish. The goals of the course: The acquisition of practical skills and theoretical knowledge: to perform an osteopathic examination in order to find dysfunctions –…

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Dry Needling Level 1

Instructor: Milosz Parchimowicz MSc PT, OMPT, Pawel Tota, MSc PT, DO – Assistant | price: 460euro

Course in English. The aim of the course is to teach you how safely and effectively use needles in treatment. It will cover the use of DN techniques in trigger…

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Differential diagnosis

Instructor: Tim Daelemans Msc Ost (DIU), D.O, Alain Vermeersch MSc Ost (DIU), D.O | price: 600 Euro

Course in English, translated into Polish. The aim of the course: The training aims to acquire skills in performing differential diagnosis and making proper diagnosis. During the course, participants will…

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Visceral Therapy

Instructor: Hans Fauville MSc Ost DO | price: 800 Euro (for two modules)

*payment for each module at the latest 21 days before starts Course in English, translated into Polish. Visceral manipulation is the practice of an experienced therapist using his or her…

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Instructor: DR STEPHEN SANDLER PhD DO | price: 550 Euro

Course in English, translated into Polish. The gynaecology system is a complex series of structures and events controlled by hormones and the central nervous system so that every part of…

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Still Technique

Instructor: Jonathan Edis MSc Ost DO | price: 330 Euro

Course in English, translated into Polish. Still Technique is a system of osteopathic assessment & manipulative treatment from the USA which aspires to rediscover & recreate the manipulations of Dr…

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Osteopathic therapy in pediatrics

Instructor: Sarah Bayley BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine, MSc Paediatric Osteopathy | price: 460 euro per module

Course in English, translated into Polish. Course Objectives: The course will be an opportunity to start becoming acquainted with the principles of osteopathy and the concepts of the involuntary mechanism…

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Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) for patient-centred management of persistent lumbo-pelvic pain

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Wim Dankaerts, PhD, MT, PT | price: 560 euro

Course in English. Peter O’Sullivan and his international team has developed an assessment and intervention approach called ‘Cognitive Functional Therapy’ (CFT). CFT is an approach to the management of lumbo-pelvic…

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